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High life
slow life

A chic and country hotel at the gateway to
Angers in Maine et Loire

What if you were to stop for a night or weekend, to enjoy the tranquillity of a remarkable hotel in Angers?

While the hustle and bustle of the city, the rumble of the ring road, and the chimes of the tramway resound just a few hundred meters away, here, in this magnificent hotel in Angers, it is the chirping of birds that welcomes you to the Slow Village Château des Forges, nestled in a 6-hectare green setting.


Atop the ridge overlooking the Mayenne and Saint-Aubin island, the Château des Forges offers a unique panoramic view of the low valleys of northern Angers. With its vast park and its remarkably preserved outbuildings, it stands as a rare landscape and architectural testament to the leisure estates of Angers in the 19th century.


This secondary residence was built in 1862 for an industrialist and spinner from Angers, Germain Bouyonnet-Belize, related to the prominent Oriolle family. Its “chalet” appearance in brick and stone is reminiscent of seaside architecture with its gables, bay windows, balconies, and color schemes, which successive owners have managed to preserve.

hotel de charme angers
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14 bedrooms
1 heated swimming pool
1park of 6 hectares

Press pause and embrace chateau life, for a night or weekend.

Low valleys,
high class

The perfect location for your hotel in Angers, just a stone’s throw from the town centre, in the heart of Anjou.

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A fully renovated character residence, with immaculately decorated bedrooms, an environment listed as a Natura 2000 site…
and the entire spirit of a Slow Village establishment entice you to press pause for the duration of your stay!

The country in the town! It’s unique but that’s the way it is! From your hotel, you make the most of vast grounds isolated from the town, both peaceful and protected, although a few pedal strokes are enough to take you into town. Yet in this remarkable setting, you will definitely prefer to make the most of the hotel facilities, cleverly designed so that your stay at the Slow Village Château des Forges is an “historic” success.


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After taking up occupancy of your room

5 p.m. Go out cycling and make the most of the Anjou mild climate! Depending upon your mood, opt for a country trip by going up to the Mayenne river as far as the Montreuil-Belfroy lock, or for an urban cycle trip, going down the banks of the Maine river, riding alongside it up to Angers.

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6 p.m. Upon returning to the hotel, your legs slightly heavy, you already know you cannot resist the sirens’ song…
The sunloungers on the wooden terrace near the swimming pool, the panoramic view over the Saint Aubin valleys, and this tasty cocktail concocted in the hotel bar…
This is the Slow life!

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“From April to the end of August, the Ile Saint Aubin island ferry resumes service, to the greatest delight of tourists.”

A few random ideas


1 – Have a drink at the open-air cafe on the Ile Saint Aubin island


2 – Visit the Château d’Angers castle, magnificent medieval remains


3 – Cover the Loire route by bike


4 – Visit Terra Botanica, the theme park devoted to plant life


5 – Discover the works in the Musée des Beaux-Arts (comprising works of art and fine arts)

Are you ready for a
garden party?


With its area opening over the countryside, the wooden terrace, swimming pool with a panorama to take your breath away, discover the chic trendy bar of the Slow Village Château des Forges. A relaxed and delightful atmosphere far from the hustle and bustle.

The slow life!

What if you were to take time to enjoy the famous Anjou mild climate (known as ”la douceur angevine”)?

hotel de charme angers
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